A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Explore a room and solve a mystery.. or die trying.

2089. A hardboiled detective. looking for love. wait, no. He's first to the scene of a crime. A hotel room. Oh and by the way.. hes retiring tomorrow.

The aim is to explore a crime scene in a hotel room. The game knows when you have looked in well lit areas.

It was to be an adventure game, with more puzzles.

There is not much gameplay. :(

thankyou for playing.


WASD keys to WALK around.
USE light switches and some other things by CLICKING on them.
F to use a FLASHLIGHT if you find one. The mouse will point it.


Please restart the game after each try. some bugs cause things to fail on retry.


== warning: here be potential game spoiling advice ==

The aim of the game is to a) enjoy the sound and visual, as i spent most of the ludum dare on that :p and.. let me start over.

Shed light on the areas of the room.

== 2nd warning: spoiler alert! ==

Once you have explored the room, you will know it because the game moves on.

== 3rd warning: really.. this is a game spoiler, what are you doing here? ===

There are about 4 light sources that need to be turned on to consider the area explored.


Hotel to Hell for Windows
Hotel to Hell for Linux